Find Your Post-Partum Intimate Skincare Routine

Sore, dry or sensitive skin post-partum? Fulfillene was designed with you in mind.

Relieve Post-Partum Vaginal Dryness

During post-partum and even up to a year after giving birth, changes in your estrogen levels may cause your intimate skin to become dry and irritated. In fact, nearly 100% of post-partum moms will experience some level of vulvar vaginal dryness. 

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Intimate Skin Moisturizer
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Repair Sore & Sensitive Post-Partum Intimate Skin

If your intimate skin feels sore and sensitive post-partum, you’re not alone. Over 50% of vaginal deliveries will cause some kind of tearing. Your intimate skin needs to be soothed and pampered after delivery, which is why a daily regime is key.

Fulfillene Intimate Skin Moisturizer was scientifically formulated for the most sensitive skin. Gentle enough for daily use, it can be used as a regular regime to help restore and regulate healthy intimate skin. 


Fulfullene Products For Post-Partum Care

Fulfillene Intimate Moisturizer supports the integrity of intimate skin, while helping maintain moisture, build collagen and relieve discomfortIt can be used daily as a vulvar moisturizer, and preduring or post intercourse for glide, protection and support.


Intimate Skin Moisturizer By Fulfillene

Provides glide, soothes, moisturizes and builds collagen to help restore intimate skin to its healthiest state.

Packaging of Fulfillene™ Intimate Skin Moisturizer