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How to Put the Spark Back in Your Relationship

TV  has bombarded us with youthful sex appeal for decades, and as we go through our lifespan, we need to feel and promote our most sexual selves. An expert in women’s healthcare is helping women do just that. 

“Whether you just want to re-connect and rev up, or you just had a baby, or it is the unavoidable onset of menopause or just you body is changing, we need to continue to engage in realizing “yes”our bodies do change and its normal,” says Fulfillene Founder Rachael Cabriera. “Sometimes we need to learn different ways our body responds to intimacy. Love embraces every aspect of our being, but it BEGINS WITH YOU FIRST!”

She wanted to create a way for women everywhere to help put the spark back in their relationships with the revolutionary intimate skin care of Fulfillene.  Pronounced ful-filling, this water-based serum helps preserve skin’s protection barrier, while naturally stimulating collagen production and maintaining hydration in the skin.  A difference users can see and feel, it also encourages rejuvenated excitement in a relationship that may have started to diminish. 

“TRUE STORY…I had this couple who both had previously been in a relationship both without enjoyable sex lives,” says Cabriera. :Their “night came” and the next morning at the Bistro they looked at each other and started to laugh and said “that was awful last night!” What happened was he assumed what she liked, and she assumed what he liked and it didn’t work out.   Communication and talking with your partner-exploring each others most erotic pleasures is key. The next time was fireworks!”

Rachael believes intimacy is the other heartbeat of your body and confidence is the best thing a woman can wear. Adding some fun and lubrication, she believes,  are a great recipe!

Fulfillene is a unique Feminine moisturizer that helps women enjoy their love life again and overcome uncomfortable obstacles to intimacy that can impact any relationship. Whether the limitations are strictly physical or include issues with self-esteem related to vaginal health and dryness, women now have the opportunity to improve their situation. With a multitude of beneficial ingredients, this clinically-tested, patent-pending moisturizing product can make sex fun and enjoyable again!.

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Last Updated: On August 17, 2022