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How to Moisturize A Vagina: A Full Guide To Keeping Your Intimate Skin Hydrated & Healthy

Did you know that your skin starts to lose its elasticity and moisture in your early 30’s, and during the first five years of menopause, your skin loses over 30% of its collagen? 

Whether you are looking to preserve the elasticity and youthfulness of your intimate skin, improve the sensation during intercourse and/or alleviate vaginal dryness, there are natural products that can help. 

We’re here to give you a complete overview of how to moisturize your vagina and vulva. 

We’ll cover the different types of moisturizers and their uses, explain the benefits of daily hydration, and share tips on applying moisturizers and choosing a product that will work best for you. 

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What Are Vulvar And Vaginal Moisturizers? 

Vulvar and vaginal moisturizers are non-hormonal natural or commercial products that are meant to increase the moisture of your intimate skin, improve tissue quality and elasticity, and even improve the sensation during sexual intercourse.  

The terms “vulvar” and “vaginal” are often used interchangeably, as most intimate skin moisturizers are fit for both external and internal use. 

Vulvar moisturizers are mainly formulated for external use, covering labia minora, Majora, and clitoral skin, while vaginal moisturizers are formulated for internal use. 

What’s The Difference Between Vaginal Moisturizers And Lubricants? 

Lubricants are typically liquid or gel-like products and the only benefit they offer is glide. 

In addition to glide, vaginal moisturizers offer numerous benefits, from improvement in the elasticity of the vagina to relief from vaginal dryness symptoms and more. They can even contribute to a woman’s ability to reach orgasm

Unlike lubricants, vaginal moisturizers can be applied regularly to improve the skin’s texture and elasticity, as well as to alleviate discomfort caused by vaginal dryness.  

Our Fulfillene Intimate Skin Moisturizer is water-based and can actually perform both functions: add lubrication during sex and moisturize your intimate skin, while restoring and protecting sensitive skin. 

The Benefits Of Fulfillene Intimate Skin Moisturizer 

Unlike any other product on the market, our Fulfillene Intimate Skin Moisturizer was formulated with a peptide module complex and natural, nourishing ingredients, including amino acids and proteins. 

Not only does it moisturize and provide glide — it actually helps maintain a healthy pH, builds collagen and restores your most intimate skin from the inside out. 

The market is saturated with over-the-counter products that promise glide during sex, but lack ingredients that can help restore vaginal skin. Many ingredients used in traditional lubricants can actually harm the vagina and cause irritation. 

Fulfillene founder Rachael Cabreira RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-C, Certified Sexual Health Clinician and Anti-Aging Specialist, says this was the exact reason why Fulfillene was born. While the Intimate Skin Moisturizer can be used by anyone, it was specially formulated for women with compromised intimate skin. 

“My focus was to tackle the main symptoms women were suffering from and develop a formulation to treat and harmonize the most sensitive skin on our body,” Rachael explains. “I researched and studied the chemistry of the vaginal ecosystem and developed my formulation based on the needs that our intimate skin thrives off.” 

Our patent-pending formulation includes the amino acids and proteins that repair, replenish and protect the skin. These peptides target collagen, elastin and new cell turnover to balance your skin from the inside out. 

The benefits of Fulfillene Intimate Skin Moisturizer include: 

  • Speeds up recovery after clinical procedures (like vulvar-vaginal laser procedures) 
  • Helps stimulate the skin’s own renewal mechanism by increasing hydration 
  • Naturally stimulates the production of collagen for vulvar and vaginal skin 
  • Provides anti-Inflammatory protection 
  • Firms and plumps skin 
  • Restores moisture and hydration of the vulvar and vaginal skin 
  • Increases blood flow and oxygenation to the skin 
  • Helps maintain normal pH of the vaginal Mucosa and decreases odor 
  • Provides a soothing and sensual experience with intimacy/intercourse 

Your intimate skin deserves care and attention.

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Using Natural Oils For Lubrication 

Oils that haven’t been processed can provide glide for increased comfort during sex. 

If you want to go the natural oils route, research your options extensively, keeping in mind your specific needs, allergies and skin conditions you may be prone to. 

Some of the most popular oils that can help you increase vaginal moisture are: 

1. Coconut Oil 

While studies haven’t produced conclusive evidence that coconut oil can benefit conditions such as vaginal dryness, one did report its success in treating atopic dermatitis, i.e. eczema, in children, indicating that this is a relatively safe oil for sensitive skin.  

However, test it out before applying the oil liberally on the entire target surface: Apply the oil on a small patch of skin and observe your reaction to it over 24h to eliminate risks of allergies or other unpredicted responses. 

You can apply coconut oil topically on your vulva, every day or two-three times per week. If you would like to apply this natural moisturizer inside the vagina, we recommend consulting your doctor. 

2. Olive Oil 

Olive oil is easily accessible — available in most pharmacies and grocery stores — making it one of the most popular natural intimate skin moisturizers. 

This oil is usually applied topically. 

There are some drawbacks to consider before choosing olive oil for intimate skincare. It is known to: 

  • Clog pores which can lead to skin irritation and breakouts 
  • Be a pain to clean up 
  • Damage the integrity of latex condoms, so they are not recommended as lubricants 

3. Vitamin E Oil 

Vitamin E oil can be of natural or synthetic origin. Natural variants are usually derived from soybean oils. 

As a vaginal moisturizer, vitamin E oil comes in the form of suppositories that are inserted into the vagina. These have shown promising results in alleviating the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. 

Read the application instructions carefully before using vitamin E oil. 

Other oils you might choose to explore include sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil and sunflower oil. 

  • BV carries a fishy odor; yeast infections don’t 
  • BV has a thin discharge; yeast infections have a white, thick discharge 
  • Swelling and redness around the vaginal opening does not occur for BV, but for yeast infections it does 
  • Both produce itchiness in the genitals 
  • Both produce a burning sensation when you pee 

Did you know that vitamin D can help combat vaginal dryness?

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How To Choose Your Intimate Skin Moisturizer 

While oils can provide glide, they aren’t able to treat the overall health of your intimate skin. They are too heavy to fully absorb into the skin, so they are typically not multi-use. 

In contrast, our Intimate Skin Moisturizer is able to penetrate deeper into the skin, thanks to its water base and peptide module. The peptides activate the entire process to allow the nourishing ingredients to work together to restore your intimate skin. 

Pure, clean ingredients are our primary focus here at Fulfillene — especially because much of the beauty and skincare industry is notorious for its use of harmful substances in manufacturing practices, such as parabens and alcohol. 

Fulfillene vulvo-vaginal skincare products are water-based, paraben-free, naturally pH balanced and fragrance-free, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin.  

Because the ingredients and how they are processed matter, to find the best vaginal moisturizer for you, study your options carefully, keeping in mind: 

  • Your known skin conditions or proneness to vaginal conditions such as yeast and urinary infections 
  • pH claims: Normal vaginal pH is under 4.5, so if you struggle with bacterial infections, you want to be sure that the product you choose is pH balanced 
  • The product’s general claims against your particular needs: 
  • Are you looking for daily vulvo-vaginal moisturizing? 
  • Extra lubrication during sexual intercourse? 
  • The no-no ingredients and properties such as glycerin, parabens, propylene glycol (alcohol) and fragrances 
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While oils and lubricants can offer glide, Fulfillene Intimate Skin Moisturizer nourishes and restores your intimate skin from the inside out 

How To Moisturize Your Vagina With Fulfillene’s Intimate Skin Moisturizer 

Whether you moisturizing to improve the quality of your vaginal skin or to alleviate symptoms of vaginal dryness, keeping vulvar and vaginal skin healthy is vital to optimizing pleasure and overall intimate health. 

Dry, thin skin can become easily irritated, because it lacks the natural resources that support the ongoing production and balance of collagen and hydration — peptides and amino acids. 

Keeping your intimate skin hydrated, plump and lubricated can help improve your overall sexual desire, sexual function and support for your vaginal health

Our Intimate Skin Moisturizer can be used daily, and applying it is simple!  

Here’s how: 

  • Using your fingertips, apply the moisturizer to your vulvar skin daily to moisturize and balance the skin. 
  • Use it before, during or after intercourse for comfort. It provides glide with a soothing experience that protects and restores intimate skin. 
  • Use it on other intimate skin areas of the body as a moisturizer. 

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Key Takeaways On How To Moisturize Your Vagina 

Regardless of what stage you’re at in your life, starting your day with a routine skin regime will help support and maintain the optimal health and longevity of your intimate skin.  

Intimate skin connects the mind, body and spirit. Learning how to moisturize your vagina can help you overcome vaginal dryness, reduce irritation and inflammation, improve the elasticity of your vagina and more. 

If you are pregnant or have any questions or concerns about implementing a daily moisturizer into your routine, consult your health care provider. 

At Fulfillene, our products are uniquely designed to help you care for your most sensitive skin. Our patent-pending Intimate Skin Moisturizer formulation includes nourishing ingredients that soothe, moisturize, build collagen and restore your skin back to its healthiest state. 

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Last Updated: On November 19, 2021